Monday, January 25, 2016

January 25, 2016

Driveway before shoveling
Driveway after shoveling
Back yard
Back yard
The weather was a little crazy, I am really glad we were not allowed
to drive in it! Haha! We did stay inside for the storm. Since the only
thing that would have been productive was to shovel snow, and that
kept on coming down, they had us stay in! We had enough food! Haha!
And I have been staying warm enough, not warm like Arizona, but warm
enough. Haha! Thanks for being worried, but everything is great here!
An about the bloody noses, it just didn't come out while I was
emailing you, haha! I wasn't trying to hide it. I haven't had once
since, so everything is good there! Not too much
happened this week. I have been feeling a ton better!!
It is funny to think that Porter is going to the singles ward! Haha!
I love that you so much Mom!! Thanks so much for the update!! I hope
you have an amazing week!!

Elder Pennington the younger!!

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