Monday, February 23, 2015

Feb. 23, 2015

I love the picture and the joke!!!!! my week was pretty good! Thank you so much for your update! I love you so much! zone training this week and another day it got to like -9 outside and it was supposed to be a blizzard so we were told to not travel as much as we could. I was sick that day so I am just glad it fell on a day that we were not able to do too much anyways. Thank you so much for your Prayers! I love you so much!!! I hope you have an amazing week!
 Elder Pennington, the younger

(I know it's not much, but I'm so glad I get to hear from him and know he's doing good. I also was able to catch him still in email, which is just sweet :) so he replied again with this...)

yeah I am still here! I love you!!!!

Monday, February 16, 2015

Feb 16th 2015

I did get the Valentines package! thank you so much. I forgot to tell you that I got it last week (I believe the 5th). Thank you so much for the cards and the pictures. the pictures is one way that helps me remember that we are still a family. that even though we are separated right now, that that will not change. We are still a family. Thank you for sharing that quote that someone gave. I needed to hear that.
Not a lot is going on here. We are trying to find people to teach but that is hard due to the weather at times. We have a baptism set for march 7 and I am extremely excited about that one since we have been teaching him since I got here. He is the one that got married last week.
I don't know when the temperature will warm up. It was -6 this morning when we were heading over to the zone leaders place, and right now it is -3. I can't wait until it is back up in the 40's. I miss the heat but being able to withstand the cold has helped me to see Gods hand in my life (one of the many ways).
Let everyone know that I am thinking of them and that they are in my prayers(family and friends)
I love you so much mom! I hope you have an amazing week!
Elder Pennington the younger
Oh and I am trying to send something through email in the next few weeks, just know I have been trying and it is for your birthday. I love you so much I just want you to know that!!

Monday, February 9, 2015

Feb 9th 2015

I love you so much mom! I hope you had an amazing week!
Thanks so much for the update. so training is fun in a weird way. I have really had a chance to view a lot of my weaknesses. I have learned a ton already. My companion is great. I have no clue how to describe him. This last week was really all about Saturday. Saturday our ward had a wedding and a baptism. The wedding was ours on the north side and the baptism was the other elders in our ward. Ed and angel got married. Angel is a member (convert of about 7 years or so I think) and Ed is one of our two investigators. He is so awesome. He has a baptism set for February 28. He has made a lot of improvement in the gospel even before we started to teach him. The lord Prepared him for this time in his life. 
I love you so much, mom! You are amazing!!! I hope that you have an amazing week!
Elder Pennington the younger
oh yeah, The baptismal service was a lot like a baptist baptism apparently (that is what our bishop told us.) I can't describe it. It was the best.

Monday, February 2, 2015

Feb. 2nd 2015

So to start off, my companion is great. his name is Elder Taylor. This week has been extremely weird now that Elder Dennison is gone. I can't wait to feel like everything is in control again. There is so much more on my shoulders now. I am not complaining, I just have to figure out how to handle everything. It is different running an area. one week down, and the future will only be better:)
I love you so much mom. you are so amazing!!!! It is good to here that your calling is going well. both callings. I hope that you can continue to see the blessings that come from your callings. Will your class always have 20 kids? or was it just for yesterday?
so I tried to send of a letter to Porter with those one stamps and it came back. I had one of my Christmas cards and a some letter. Was that too much weight for the stamp. I will keep trying to send it out. It was supposed to be sent out before Christmas:) 
I love you so much mom!!!! Thank you for the example you have been in life. I hope you have a great week!
Elder Pennington the younger