Monday, January 25, 2016

January 25, 2016

Driveway before shoveling
Driveway after shoveling
Back yard
Back yard
The weather was a little crazy, I am really glad we were not allowed
to drive in it! Haha! We did stay inside for the storm. Since the only
thing that would have been productive was to shovel snow, and that
kept on coming down, they had us stay in! We had enough food! Haha!
And I have been staying warm enough, not warm like Arizona, but warm
enough. Haha! Thanks for being worried, but everything is great here!
An about the bloody noses, it just didn't come out while I was
emailing you, haha! I wasn't trying to hide it. I haven't had once
since, so everything is good there! Not too much
happened this week. I have been feeling a ton better!!
It is funny to think that Porter is going to the singles ward! Haha!
I love that you so much Mom!! Thanks so much for the update!! I hope
you have an amazing week!!

Elder Pennington the younger!!

Monday, January 18, 2016

Jan 18th 2016

I love you so much!! Sorry for keeping you up, the email made sense
so you didn't have to worry about that!! We had interviews with
President Johnson, a Double Baptism, blitzing the zone leaders area,
and zone training this week, so not too much time in our own area, but
it was still really good!! Next transfer will be Feb 9th. I have no
clue what is going to happen there...  And I have been feeling better!
Thanks so much for the package!! I got back from zone training feeling
exhausted and that was at our front door! I loved it! And the shirt
fits awesome!!
Haha! I can't believe that Dad did it that way, talking to the sisters
and then to Porter! He took my idea, changed it, then ran with it!
Haha!! He is one of a kind!! Haha!!
I love you so much MOM! I hope that you have an amazing week!! Thanks
again for the package!!
Elder Pennington the younger!

Jan 11th 2016

My week was pretty good! Highlight of the week, probably exchanges! I
went to McKeesport. I just really like exchanges, learning from other
missionaries! Low point, I was sick on and off for the last few days
of the week...I hate being sick and I seem to be sick more often out
here than I ever was back home. The weather has been up and down. To
days ago it actually hit the 50's again, but then yesterday it was
raining and snowing all day! It is not supposed to be a very cold
winter, but for an Arizona boy, who's blood doesn't seem to be
thickening up at all, it is still really cold to me! But I am working
through it!
So I can explain why he was looking through the  cabinets! Haha! So
when you get to a new apartment, it is just natural to look around and
see the in inventory that the place has... He did that! Haha! He is
completely still in missionary mode! Haha! I love it! And that was a
perfect fortune cookie! Haha!
Thanks for everything that you do!! You are an amazing example! One of
the best ways to support me is to support the missionaries there!
Encourage them, help them, invite them into the home! (That might help
Porter get a little more comfortable talking to girls off his mission,
since there will not be much pressure since they are missionaries,
haha! Even though Porter will probably still feel pressure!) haha! But
thanks for all the support you do give me!!
I love you so much!! I hope that you have an amazing week!
Elder Pennington forever and always the younger!

Monday, January 4, 2016

January 4th 2016

My week was pretty good! That is really cool that you went to the
visitor center and lights! That is one thing I miss very much, is the
temple lights!! And the temple in general!!
So when I get home, and if Meagan is not driving, I volunteer to drive
Meagan to her late night practices!! Haha!!
It sounds like a pretty awesome week!!!
This week we are working hard for a goal of 7 lessons, where our
typical is around 4, in this area. The zone leaders set a goal for the
whole zone. I am excited!! The weather is pretty good! Last week there
were a few days that were in the 60's which was really nice, but the
last few days have been in the 30's and it snowed for the first real
time this season!
Christmas time here things stayed very similar actually. To be honest
we did not even notice a change since it didn't even feel like
Christmas. This is not the easiest area to begin with, so I don't know
if that had any effect, but Christmas time did not seem to change
anything! People did accept our pass along cards more, but they still
did not want to talk to us for very long! Haha!
I love you so much mom!! You are the best! I hope that you have an
amazing week!!!
Elder Pennington the younger!

December 28th 2015

It really was great to see you on Christmas!!
So how big will your class be if they don't call another teacher? Are
you still in the same room that you we were in when I was there?
Thanks for the update on Gavin, Gagan and Chelsea! Let me know if
Gavin starts talking about a girl! Haha! That is so awesome that
Meagan and some friends are doing baptisms! I miss the Gilbert temple
so much!! I miss the temple so much in general!!
Haha, can't wait to see pictures of Heidi's shoes!!
That is one really big thing that I wish we were able to participate
in more on the mission! Not only is it a maximum of once every six
months, but they change it back to having to be within 2 hours instead
of 3. I am grateful for that small amount of time where it was 3 hours
since I was able to go, but I still wish it was still 3 hours... We
are 3 hours away... :(
I love you so much!! I hope that you have an amazing week!!
Elder Pennington the younger!

December 21st 2015

Hey!!! I love you!!!
So you should tell the girls to stop growing up!! I miss them!! I miss
all of you so much!!! Can't wait to see you on Friday!!
I don't like the cold..... It is just in the 20's and 30's but I am
super cold already!! It has only snowed once and it really was not all
that bad! Actually a week ago, you were colder than we were here!
Surprisingly! But now we continue to drop!!
I am not looking forward to driving in the snow too much, but we have
been told time and time again that our safety is paramount, so we are
not allowed to drive when it is a really bad storm, or if the roads
are really bad, so you don't have to worry about me too much!!
I love you so much!! I hope that you have an amazing week! I told dad
some times that would work here to skype, so just let me know!! I love
you so much and can't wait to see you!!

Elder Pennington the younger