Monday, January 4, 2016

December 28th 2015

It really was great to see you on Christmas!!
So how big will your class be if they don't call another teacher? Are
you still in the same room that you we were in when I was there?
Thanks for the update on Gavin, Gagan and Chelsea! Let me know if
Gavin starts talking about a girl! Haha! That is so awesome that
Meagan and some friends are doing baptisms! I miss the Gilbert temple
so much!! I miss the temple so much in general!!
Haha, can't wait to see pictures of Heidi's shoes!!
That is one really big thing that I wish we were able to participate
in more on the mission! Not only is it a maximum of once every six
months, but they change it back to having to be within 2 hours instead
of 3. I am grateful for that small amount of time where it was 3 hours
since I was able to go, but I still wish it was still 3 hours... We
are 3 hours away... :(
I love you so much!! I hope that you have an amazing week!!
Elder Pennington the younger!

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