Monday, April 4, 2016

April 4th 2016

Conference was amazing!! We were at the church all three sessions on
Saturday, then at members homes on Sunday! I loved conference!
Beaver is a pretty small town, but our area is pretty big! Our ward
consist of around 180 people coming on a normal Sunday. We share the
ward with a set of sisters as well. My new comp, Elder Foster, is
good! I am really going to like the area! It seems like a really friendly
ward, with a lot of potential!! It is weird that I don't get to meet a
lot of the members until next week, but I met some at Priesthood! And
yeah, this will probably be my second to last area, it might even be
my last area, but I don't think so...
That's crazy that you had a wreck! I am so glad everyone is okay!!
What class does Meagan take for A hour?
Haha! April Fools day! Those were pretty funny!!! Porter and Dad are
creative!!! I was half expecting for something to happen to me... Haha
I know what you mean about the Ensign! This conference was really awesome!!!
Thanks so much for the memes!!! I love them!!!
I love you so much!! I hope that you have an amazingly extra super
week!!! You are the best!!!