Monday, December 14, 2015

December 14th 2015

I love you so much!! My new area is pretty good! There are some really
cool members, some of which are recent converts and some of which are
recent move ins, so I am pretty okay with having to spend Christmas
here! As for my comp, I have enjoyed being his companion so far!
We are different in a lot of ways, but at the same time we are very
similar in ways! I like him so far! The work is slow here...
But not for long;) driving is coming along well, I am a little nervous
about driving in the snow, but I will survive!
As for being red dotted, tiwi makes it pretty easy, but the rules are
long to explain in words let alone writing, so I will condense it. Go
over 90 mph, automatic red dot! Get a ton of violations, red dot. You
get violations by stopping too suddenly, speeding up too fast, going
over 7 mph above the speed limit and waiting for 3 warnings to pass,
and Jumping the car. If you get in a crash, and the damaged is over a
certain amount, then you are red dotted. If the crash is your fault,
automatically red dotted! The list continues on a more detailed
explanation, but this is a pretty good list.
As for Christmas, I don't know the time, but we think we know the
place, but we will work that out this week! I will be looking for the
package as well!
I love you so much! I hope that you have an amazing week!

Elder Pennington the younger!

December 7th 2015

Our tree is up too! Haha of you could call it a tree! I will have to
try and remember to take a picture and send it to you! Can't wait to
see the pictures of Meagan! She sent one of her team, but I will take
as many As you send!
Haha, next time Meagan should be more specific! I am not suppressed
that dad said that!
It is awesome that Heidi sand well!
Can't wait to hear more about dad going back into school! What are his
hours for school going to be like?
For Christmas I don't think I need anything specific. Anything works!
Some ideas might be: p-day clothes is never a bad idea, tie bar, grey
socks, ties, beanie, but with all of these, they are not needs only
suggestions! I would be happy just receiving a box with a few letters
in it. :) Anything works, I really don't need anything specific!
It truly is getting cold here, but the worse part is it keeps warming
up a little then dropping again, so it has been a little tough for me
to acclimate (I think that is also why I got sick).
As for Skyping, even if we don't get invited over to a house for
Skyping, since we have our iPads, we can skype from the church! So
Skyping should be a part of the plan no problem!
The most exciting thing this week was we had a baptism! But we didn't
get to go! We taught him, but since he got baptized out of our mission
due to being baptized in the ward where his fiance lives. Sad we
didn't get to go but it is still really cool that he got baptized!
Haha, I miss bad Bry days, even though I can't remember them... Haha!
I love you so much mom! Thanks for all you do and have done! I hope
that you have an amazing week!

Elder Pennington the younger!

November 30th 2015

That is awesome that you got to see one of Meagan's practices! I miss
those late night practices so much! The only thing I would have change
is making it so that you did not have to pick me up so late... Thanks
for everything that you have done for all of us kids!
My thanksgiving was pretty good! Got to play volleyball instead of
having a turkey bowl! (I missed the traditional turkey bowl:( ! Sounds
like the Thanksgiving was really fun there! No stories that stand out!
And my transfers are in 4 weeks! The week right after Christmas, and I
will most likely be moved. My comp right now has 1 more transfer after
this one. It will be hard to leave this area, but at the same time I am ready to
go! I was actually planning on getting some vitamin C today and also Vit
D. I have found that this Arizona boy gets really sad when I don't see
or feel the rays of the sun for days/weeks at a time.
I love you so much Mom! I hope that you have an amazing fantastic week!

Elder Pennington the younger!