Monday, February 2, 2015

Feb. 2nd 2015

So to start off, my companion is great. his name is Elder Taylor. This week has been extremely weird now that Elder Dennison is gone. I can't wait to feel like everything is in control again. There is so much more on my shoulders now. I am not complaining, I just have to figure out how to handle everything. It is different running an area. one week down, and the future will only be better:)
I love you so much mom. you are so amazing!!!! It is good to here that your calling is going well. both callings. I hope that you can continue to see the blessings that come from your callings. Will your class always have 20 kids? or was it just for yesterday?
so I tried to send of a letter to Porter with those one stamps and it came back. I had one of my Christmas cards and a some letter. Was that too much weight for the stamp. I will keep trying to send it out. It was supposed to be sent out before Christmas:) 
I love you so much mom!!!! Thank you for the example you have been in life. I hope you have a great week!
Elder Pennington the younger

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