Monday, April 6, 2015

April 6th 2015

Hey mom!
I love you so much!
Before I forget transfers are the end of the month, April 21, and I will most likely be transfer but I am hoping not. But hey, even if I am not, the day before we got approved to go to a Pirates baseball game for part of our P-day! so that is exciting.
Thank you for that story about anger, and that chance for a member to do missionary work. I really liked them!
I got to watch all of conference at the church building. it was awesome! I loved conference and had been looking forward to it all week! (oh and it was cool to here from sister Wixom since she spoke while I was in the MTC! it was cool to remember about that). All of conference was just amazing! I loved every bit of it, even when it was pres. packer and I could not understand half of it but could feel the power of his testimony when he was talking about marriage and how having kids is the plan of salvation.
Mom I love you so much! You have been a strength in my life since before the day I was born ;) thank you! I hope that you have an amazing week!
Elder Pennington the younger
Oh and could you send me a copy of conference when it comes out. we will be given a copy for the apartment we are in but I won't be able to mark it up. also could you send out my yearbook. Neither one needs to be anytime soon and the yearbook is not at all a priority so don't worry about it is you can't send it out. I love you so much!!!

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