Tuesday, November 10, 2015

November 9th 2015

First, I wish I was experiencing the cold there, instead of the cold
here! It is 46 degrees outside right now, and it is 10:30, the high
today here is about where your low for the day is (we are allowed to
have a weather app so I compare Gilbert to Bedford;)... I miss the
heat! :) that is awesome about going out with the sisters! That is a
really awesome idea about the inactive sisters and the rescuing! I
can't wait to hear how it turns out! That is awesome about the
regional stake conference! Yeah, I got an email from the bishop
inviting me to it! :) We had stake conference,
and the Internet was out in our building so instead of watching a
broadcast, we listened to it through a phone... A static connection
haha, but it was still really good (plus we did get to go to the stake
center the night before for the adult session, so not all of it was
through the phone, haha! Can't wait
to see see the pictures of the painted rooms! And don't worry
about selling my stuff, if you are going through my room and you're
like... "why would he need this", just ask and I will probably say...
"I don't remember even having that." As long as I have clothes and
some stuff when I get home everything will be fine. One thing, if you
haven't already sold it, you could sell that bench that I have in my
room. If you are using it in the home gym then don't sell it, but feel
free to sell it if it is just sitting there! I love you so much mom!
You are the best! I hope you have a fantastic week!
Elder Pennington the younger!

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