Monday, October 5, 2015

Sept 28th 2015

Haha, yeah when he held up the phone to me I had no clue what I was
going to say, since we are not supposed to talk, but I was planning on
saying more, but I was not expecting to talk first, I thought he was
going to introduce himself first. But oh well... That was while we
were at the Mellots, a family in our branch. They love the missionaries.
So to start, we got black boxes in our cars this week! They are called
tiwi's and they monitor our driving. We will find out if I am a good
driver or not, if I am still driving at the end of my mission... The
weather here is starting to get cold. It is averaging in the 60's and
70's and 80's right now... I really wish that it was a 100 here!
It is crazy that I am about to hit my year mark... I have less than a
month. I have been thinking about home a lot since my comp is going
home! It is hard to stay focused when he is packing at night... Haha
he is doing nothing wrong, he has earned packing but I only hope that
I don't have to send any more missionaries least for a
while. The work here is kind of slowing down... Hopefully that will
change soon. We got a new branch president yesterday. It was really
unexpected since president Neuder has not been in very long, but he
has been having some health problems. He was a really good branch
President, but on the same note it seems like Presidents Gates will be
awesome as well! He has some awesome ideas about how to focus on
missionary work in this branch so that are exciting!
I love  you u so much mom! Thanks for every game that you do! I hope
that you have an amazing week!
Elder Pennington the younger!

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