Monday, September 14, 2015

Sept 14th 2015

First, I miss Sunday naps! Even more, I can't wait to come back and
have a bry day! So if you happen to get a chance to talk to Nathan
before he goes, you should tell him to write me! So I am totally sad
that I missed watching the ultimate gift with you all! But I am glad
that you enjoyed it! So I love my new area, but I can't explain it
very well. I love this area because people here are just good, hard
working people. Everybody is really nice, even if they don't want to
hear about the gospel. The ward is almost all related in some way. Our
ward mission leader is 73 and a convert and he is the father,
grandfather, and great father of a lot of the ward. He had nine kids,
and then they all started their families. It is pretty cool. And as
for my stuff... Haha that's cool. I was just wondering. Not too
worried. Every ow and then I will think of something back home that I
wished I had, but I guess it is not too important because I do not
remember it when I have a chance to write. I love you so much mom! I
am so grateful for your example to me! I love you so
much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope you have a great week!
Elder Pennington the younger!

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